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Started in 2006 in the small but centrally located town of Nuneaton, Warwickshire with the ambition to provide excellent customer focused precision engineering and services to a wide range of industries and to provide both keen pricing and response times.

We are committed to ensuring our customer receive the very best results on any project and to suit their timescales.

how we like to work

Working with a client focused approach and building strong and effective working partnerships allowing us best to interpret our customers requirements and meet timescales.

Taking a pragmatic approach to engineering solutions and utilising the combined knowledge of our highly skilled engineers, we work towards the simplest solution, which provides both an economic benefit and aids reliability.

our people

Our people are our biggest asset with their combined knowledge and skills comes from many years in differing engineering fields. We believe as a responsible employer that our team is continually developing and improving their skill base to ensure we have updated knowledge of the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques.

what we can do for you

overview of our services

We are able to offer our customers a wide range of services including casting, fabrication and machining in a variety of materials including aluminium, brass, all types of steel, cast iron and plastics.

Skilled in creating components from either samples or drawings we can reproduce a wide range of replacement parts for many sectors including classic cars, earthmoving machinery, plant, house building, shop-fitting, medical and measuring equipment.

Over the years we have built up a strong local network of partners which means we can provide a wide range of additional services including gear cutting, zinc plating, heat treatments and pipe bending.

our range of processes
Die Gravity Pressure
Investment Precision Sand
Shell Lost Wax
Drilling* Gear Cutting Grinding
Fabrication CNC Centres* Plastics
Prototyping Specials Tapping
Threading Turning* Tool Making

* Indicates both traditional & CNC

avon & oakley roofing clips

We are the only manufacturer of both the pitched and flat roof clipping system used on the Avon and Oakley pre-fabricated buildings produced by Compton Buildings.

These clips are required for the replacement or refitting of roofs to all types of Compton Buildings & Compton Garages.

They are available in a range of lenghts coming complete with bolts, sealing washers & covers to ensure a firm & water tight seal.

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Single Clip Double Clip

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Telephone us on: +44 (0) 24 7632 7900
Facsimile us on: +44 (0) 5601 157 142

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Units 28A and 28B
Whitacre Road
United Kingdom
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